How To Get More ReviewMe Reviews – Part 2

My original How To Get More ReviewMe Reviews was greeted with mostly positive comments. However, a few readers commented that some of the advices are only good for bloggers who have already done a few ReviewMe reviews. Let’s face it, you can’t show a case study if you haven’t done any reviews and advertisers are hesitant to order reviews from someone who has never done one.

It’s kinda like a catch 22 – advertisers won’t order reviews from you because you haven’t done one. You can’t do a review if advertisers don’t order. How do you get out of this situation?

Sponsor You Own Review

Create a new blog category call Sponsored Reviews, ReviewMe Reviews, Paid Reviews or whatever. Then write a review of a commercial site that is related to what you blog about and place it in your new review category. Follow the ReviewMe rules of at least 200 words with full disclosure. In other words, say the review was sponsored. You’re not lying when you say that. The review was sponsored – by you. At the end of the post you can even add, “This is a sponsored review. If you wish to order a review, you may do so here.”

Now, when a ReviewMe advertiser comes to your blog to check you out, they will see your review category with a review in it and will be able to check your quality. If they like what they read, chances are much higher they will order a review from you than from someone who has no reviews to show.

If you are truly evil, you will do a review of a company that has an affiliate program. This way you maybe able to make some money at it. Many of you belong to Text Link Ads. Why not do a review of TLA with your affiliate link and call it a sponsored review? The advantage of this is you’ll be able to track how the review does. If you sign up some new sites for TLA, you now have the makings of a case study to show advertisers that your reviews can give a return on investment.

Getting that first review is the most important. Once you have the first one, it’s a lot easier to get the second. I find the more reviews I do, the more review requests I get. Like everyone else, Advertisers are drawn to sites that show momentum. You can create a sense of momentum by showing a bunch of reviews in your sponsored posts categories. There’s no rule that says the post has to be sponsored by an advertiser. 😈