Review Prices Going Up Next Month

I want to give everyone a heads up that the blog’s review price will be going up to $500 next month. If you’re thinking of ordering a review and want it done at the old price of $450, then you must get the order in before March 1.

Even at $500 per review, I am still priced extremely low when compared to the competition and I don’t expect orders to decrease at all. I was talking to Kris Jone of Pepperjam Network and he told me he would have happily paid $1,000 for the review we did for him.

Many readers have emailed me asking why I run my review through ReviewMe instead of handling it myself. The rational being I would make more if I cut them out of the loop. I answered that question way back in April, 2007. If you haven’t read it, please do. It offers a very important lesson.