Really Expensive Gas Prices

It was a beautiful day so I decided to take a drive and test out the new Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS. While it’s great to use the Garmin in Toronto, it’s better from a testing standpoint to test it in your own city. This way you can tell how good it’s routing really is.

My car was extremely low on gas so the first trip was to the gas station. I couldn’t believe price when I got there: $1.20 per litre for regular. I remember the good old days when a litre of gas was just 39.9 cents. A full tank (45 litres) cost me over $54. I think this is the most expensive fill up to-date. I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad because on the way, I noticed the price went up again, to $1.299 per litre.

What is gas price like where you are? Has it changed your driving habits? Will you consider car pooling or taking a bus now? I guess I’m lucky in the sense that my office is at home and when I do go for a drive, it’s normally just for fun or to meet up with someone for lunch.