Out With The Old, In With The New


My Magellan Roadmate 760 GPS Receiver was giving me trouble for the past few days. The connectors that supplies power to the unit kept coming loose. I couldn’t find where the loose parts were but it was driving me crazy. When I plugged the unit in, sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. I would need to disconnect the unit and try it again. Most of the time, things work after two or three tries. However, it progressively got longer and longer. Rather than take a chance on the unit never turning on, I decided to get a replacement unit, just in case.

The GPS I got was the Garmin nüvi 360. The 360 is basically the same as as the Garmin nüvi 350 but with a Bluetooth receiver so you can connect your cell phone to it for hands free calls. The nüvi is way smaller than the Magellan GPS. The 350 is barely bigger than a pack of playing cards. Despites the small size, the nüvi 360 is extremely powerful, has a 3.5″ color display (just a bit smaller than the Magellan 3.75″) and packs a ton of extra features, like a MP3 player.

My favorite feature of the Garmin nüvi 360 is it’s battery powered and fits in your pocket. That allows me to program all my destinations into the unit while at home and call them up in the car. A car power adapter is included. Without external power, the 360 can last up to eight hours on its rechargeable battery.

I purchased the unit at Futureshop in Markham, Ontario for $599.00 plus taxes. Then I get home to check the TTZ Media price index and see that I could have got it for a lot less. Oh well. I can always use it, review it, and then return it after I get back to Vancouver. 😈