How I Keep From Getting Lost In Toronto


To prevent myself from getting lost while driving around Toronto, I rely on the Magellan Roadmate 760 GPS Receiver. This handy device guides me turn by turn to anywhere I want to go. The unit even has text-to-speech technology that tells you when to take that next turn, including the name of the street and distance to the turn. Most GPS with voice turn by turn would say, “Turn left in two miles.” The Megellen unit will say, “Turn left in two miles on Steele Avenue.” Mind you it sound really funny when it says some of the street names, but at least you know what street to keep an eye out for.

You can program the GPS by using the simple menus to enter an address on the touch screen, or find nearby gas stations, restaurants, ATM’s, and more by selecting from 7 million, pre-programmed points of interest. To find the CN Tower, I simply entered CN Tower and then choose shortest time. I will be using the Roadmate to get around Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City as well.

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