OMG! I’ve Become an Apple Fan Boy!

It all started when I was in the market for a new notebook and decided to check out the new Santa Rosa Macbook Pro. My original intention was to replace the Mac OS with Windows (plus stick a MS sticker on the back of the screen) and be a thorn on the side of every Apple fan boy. Instead, I decided to run the Mac OS-X for a week just to see what the fuss was all about. That was a mistake because it made me realized just how much better OS-X is to Windows.

Today, I run nothing but Apple products in my office. My MP3 player is an iPod, my cell phone is an iPhone and I was recently given a Macbook Air to add to the mix. Does that make me a fan boy? No. What turned me into a fan boy was an incident at Blog World Expo.

I was in the blogger lounge taking advantage of the free WiFi when another blogger came up to me and ask if my WiFi was working. I replied yes and she asked how come it’s not working on her notebook. I looked over at her Dell laptop and answered, “Because you’re not on a Mac.”

Will I always use Apple products? That depends. I use Apple products because they are clearly better than the competition. There really is no rival for the iPod and the iPhone is the best cell phone I’ve ever used. However, if someone comes along with a better product, it won’t take much for me to switch. In that sense, I’m not a true fan boy but this ex-hardcore PC user is now a huge fan of Apple.