New Poll Question – Which Is The Best Smart Phone?

Seeing how Gary iPhone Ng and Stephen BitterBerry Fung are going at their iPhone Vs. BlackBerry fight in my iPhone 3G S test post and on Twitter for the entire day, I figured it’s time to hear from the people and settle this issue once and for all.

So, who do you think makes the best smart phones? You can vote below and speak your mind in the comments. I’ve included all the major smart phone models in the poll. I bunched all the BlackBerries together so you can vote on them as a group so the FruitBerries can’t say, “The iPhone is winning because the Berry votes are being split!”

[poll id=”4″]

Results From The Last Poll Question

My last poll question asked how often do you update your blog. The results were very enlightening. A good 27% update of you update your blog every single day and another 27% update one to three times per week. It’s good to see that most of my readers are active bloggers.

[poll id=”3″]