New Internet Marketing Case Study By Ian Fernando

After releasing the case study on how a bum increased his donations, Ian Fernando would like to show you why testing your website performance is crucial. In his newest case study video, Ian shows you not one but three case studies that he has personally done in his own marketing efforts.

One of the more interesting studies he has done is the video length case study. He tested two variations of the same video but each video had different time length. One was set at one minute and the other at 30 seconds. Ian wanted to see which performed better and the results were amazing.

After showing some numbers he goes into explaining why one video did better than the other. A very interesting explanation that reveals some killer marketing insight. Watch his video presentation because he shows two more case studies that are just out of this world. If you’ve already signed up to watch the bum case study, then you’ll be taken to the new case study. If you haven’t signed up yet, then you’ll have access to all the case studies after doing so.