Case Study – How a Bum Increased His Donations By Over 100%

Since you guys enjoyed the local SEO case study by dk so much, I figured I’ll give you another one. This real life case study comes from my friend and fellow Internet marketer, Ian Ferrando. In this case study, Ian shows the power of split testing by helping a bum on the street increase his passer-by donation by over 100%. It’s the most controversial and heart warming case study you’re ever going to read. Some of the highlights include:

  • Why a cardboard is a bad way to relay your message to the public
  • A great story isn’t compelling enough for someone to feel sorry for you
  • Your Call to Action needs to be to the point and stronger than your last cardboard
  • Making it easy and enticing for your user base to participate in what you want them to do
  • Positioning and location is a crucial part of your advertising campaign
  • How colors can change someone focus and catch more eyes for more exposure

There are more strategies Ian did with this real life case study. Go download the case study now and see how these small changes can help with your own Internet and blog marketing campaign.

Download The Case Study – How a Bum Increased His Donations By Over 100%