New Blog Milestone – 6000 RSS Readers


I just noticed that the blog hit another milestone. The FeedBurner chicklet is showing 6,010 RSS readers. This marks the first time the blog has passed the 6,000 feed reader mark. What that means is 6,010 people read this blog with the full feed RSS yesterday. Today’s figure will be available tomorrow. I suspect it will be lower because of the 4th of July holiday.

For those wondering how to increase their RSS subscriptions, I wrote several articles on the subject. In case you missed them, here’s a recap:

While RSS subscribers are way harder to monetize, you should work towards an ever increasing RSS readership because the feed readers represent a solid base that you can count on. Having a big RSS count makes you less dependent on other forms of traffic generation, like Google.

In the end, the biggest thing that will increase your RSS feed count is the same thing that will increase your blog traffic – your content. Everything comes back to content. If your content is good, your traffic and RSS counter will keep increasing.

Next stop, 7,000. If you like this post, please subscribe to my RSS feed. :mrgreen: