Mother’s Day Dinner At Kyung Bok Palace

I like to wish all mothers out there a happy Mother’s Day! This Mother’s Day is especially significant because Sarah is now a mother. To celebrate this special day, I took Sarah, Sarah’s parents, my parents, Sally and her nanny out to Kyung Bok Palace in Lansdowne Mall for a nice traditional Korean BBQ dinner.

Located directly across the Number Nine restaurant, Kyung Bok Palace is a new restaurant featuring traditional Korean cuisine. The restaurant has become well known for its Bulgalbi and Galbijjim Jungsik. Don’t worry. I’ll explain what those are in a bit.

Kyung Bok Palace is a like a hot pot restaurant without the pot. The center of the table has a BBQ stove so you can grill your own food. If you don’t wish to cook yourself, you can request the kitchen to cook everything up for you.

A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words


The Kyung Bok Palace features a multi-page picture menu showing the dishes. The photos of the raw foodstuff look really nice and mouth watering. There is a nice selection of BBQ meats and hot pot style dishes.

Bulgalbi (Prime Beef Short Rib Marinated In Special Soy Sauce)


This is my favorite dish at Kyung Bok Palace. However, tonight I made the mistake of asking the kitchen to cook it. You would expect the chefs in the kitchen to be a better cook than you but it turns out that is not the case as the Bulgalbi was overcooked, but only just a bit.

Kkotdeungsimgui (Beef Sirloin)


While the Bulgalbi was a bit overcooked, the Kkotdeungsimgui beef sirloin steak was completely overcooked. This would have been a great steak if the kitchen didn’t screw it up. If you go to Kyung Bok Palace, I highly recommend you cook the beef yourself.

Chicken BBQ


I guess it’s a good thing that it’s hard to overcook chicken. This was a very good dish with a lot of flavor. It was marinated with mild BBQ sauce that provided a nice kick.

Galbijjim Jungsik (Braised Beef Ribs & Rice With Sides Dishes)


This was a fantastic dish. The beef was super tender and the soup base was full of exotic flavors. If I was here for lunch, this is what I would order. It comes with the side dishes below.


Haemul Pajeon (Seaffod & Green Onion Pancake)


I bet you’ve never seen a pancake like this before. It reminded me a lot of the octopus balls I had a few year back. The batter was the same.

Haemul Kalguksu (Seafood With Hand-Made Noodle)


This dish should have been call hand-made noodle because there was very little seafood in it. The quality of the noodle was very high however. As was the soup base.

The nice thing about dinner at Kyung Bok Palace is the price is very reasonable. Dinner for eight was only $120 with tips. That’s considerably cheaper than what tomorrow’s dinner is going to cost.

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