The Fear Factor Lunch

After reading Carl’s post about his Cheui Yuen Siu Gun experience, I decided it was about time to hit the old standby lunch spot, #9 Restaurant.

Richmond has some really authentic Hong Kong style restaurants and #9 is as close to the real Hong Kong as you can get. In many ways, the restaurant is better than what is available in Hong Kong. For those who has never dined at #9, the food may look like something you see in the reality TV show, Fear Factor.

Mad Beef Tripe With Noodle


What is beef tripe anyway? I think the only reason they call it beef tripe is because if they call it by what it really is, Mad Cow Stomach Lining With Noodle, you’ll never order it. Would you want to eat a cow’s stomach? Well, that’s what Dan ordered and he enjoyed every piece of the cow’s stomach. Dan is fearless! That’s why he’s Dan The Man!

Burly Beef Tendon Wonton Noodle


This was my dish. The best way to enjoy the food at #9 is not to ask what it is – just eat it. If you ever get a chance to try beef tendon, I highly recommend it. I think the reason they call it tendon is because it sounds like tender, which the beef is. For those who must know, a tendon is a tough band of fibrous connective tissue that connects muscle to bone. Basically, I’m eating the stuff that holds a cow’s bones together. It’s actually quite good when you don’t think about it.

The nice thing about lunch at #9 is it’s pretty inexpensive. The two soup dishes came in at just $13.00 with tips. Definitely not fine dining material but since I don’t have any other food category, this post will go in the fine dining section.

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