More Free Advertising Coupons

The $100 Yahoo! Search Marketing coupon I posted earlier today went over so well I decided to add a few more ways to get your paid advertising for next to no money. This is one of the methods I will use in my Nobody to Somebody blog. Since I have only $86.10 to work with for promotion, I will need to use these coupons to really leverage my advertising dollars. The goal is to use the coupons to make money and then use that money to buy more advertising.

$100 Yahoo Search Marketing Coupon

Use this link to get the coupon. You may need to change the last 4 digits if it’s no longer valid. Depending on what values you enter, you may end up with coupons ranging from $20 to $100. You will need to deposit $5 to open an account but that is credited to your ad fund. So you’ll end up with $105 of Yahoo! ads for only $5.

$100 Text Link Ads Coupon

This coupon gives you $100 of free text links from the Text Link Ads network. You will need to spend $125 in order to use the coupon but that still gives you $125 of links for $25.

$20 Bidvertiser Coupon

If you are a new advertiser, Bidvertiser will give you $20 to test out their service. All you need to do is sign up for an account and they’ll put $20 in it. The minimum bid at Bidvertiser is 5 cents so that good for 400 free visitors. Signing up for an advertiser’s account also signs you up as a Bidvertiser publisher so you can kill two birds with one stone.