Miscellaneous Ramblings for 8-10-2007

$7,000 In One Day

Graham Langdon of The Million Dollar Wiki is one happy camper. I wrote about Graham’s project three days ago. The next day he sells 70 pages. Let’s see, at $100 per page, Graham pulled down $7,000 in 24 hours. Hmmm, I think he should buy me a beer!

23 Thing Nate Learned From Blogging

Nate Whitehill, who won a Nintendo Wii from me, has been blogging for the past seven months and has learned 23 things from it. I’m sure he learned more but 23 was all he could think of. Congrats to Nate for reaching 500 RSS subscribers.

Damn Evil Cow

It seems evil is rubbing off on the cow. They posted a way to get unlimited Yahoo! Search Marketing coupons.

There’s 4 digits at the end of that URL and we quickly found that with a bit of mixing up the numbers, there’s heaps more vouchers available, all with different values! $20, $50, $60, $75 and probably $100 but we didn’t find that one. We grabbed a $75 voucher and can confirm this is working, we just setup an ad campaign worth $80.

Here a link for a $100 coupon. If you’re truly evil, you’ll figure out a way to turn it into $1,000.

Problogger Gets A New Look

What do you think? I like it a lot. However, his front page isn’t his blog anymore. It’s more of a portal. I guess readers who want the blog only can change the bookmark from problogger.net to problogger.net/blog (or read it from RSS).


Sally Climbs The Stairs

To get your weekend started off on a smiling note, I present this video of Sally Chow climbing the stairs for the first time (with a little help from her grand mom). Enjoy!