Miscellaneous Ramblings – 3/15/2008

Where Are All The Generous People?

A few days ago, I asked readers to help me raise money for the Union Gospel Mission Easter meal drive. The response so far haven’t came close to matching the Thanksgiving or Christmas drives I did last year. I realized that people are in a more giving mood during Thanksgiving and Christmas but people go hungry everyday, not just on holidays.

To give you a bigger incentive to help, I will now match you donations at 2 to 1. You donate $1, I’ll give $2. That’s 200% return on your money! Simply make a donation at UGM’s online donation page, then email me a copy of the email receipt. Remember, whatever you’re donating, I’ll double it!

All readers making donations will be recognized in a blog post on Monday. If you have a website or blog, I will link to it. The meals and other services we provide can be the start of a new life and new beginning for those in need.

The true measure of success is not how much you make, but how much you give.

The Chow Chow Train

The Social Millionaire has been up for 15 days and wasn’t going anywhere until he decided to order a review from John Chow dot Com. Twenty four hours later, sales rocketed passed $1,000. While this is normally call The John Chow Effect, the Social Millionaire decided to be cute and called it The Chow Chow Train.

Winning The Web Contest Passes $9,000 In Prizes

What started off as a contest with $5,348 of prizes has turned into a mega event as more and more sponsors pony up prizes for the Winning The Web “Win Everything Under The Sun” Contest. If you haven’t entered, then you better get in on it before the month is over. If I win anything, I’ll give it away to a reader.

OCIA.net Forum Grand Re-Opening Giveaway

My friend Shawn Knight is holding a grand re-opening of his OCIA.net forums. They’ve have teamed up with several of their sponsors and put together a prize package worth over $1,300.

Entering is simple. First, you must be a registered member in the OCIA.net Forums. Once registered, hit their front page and sign up the upcoming OCIA.net Newsletter. After that, post a reply to this thread letting them know that you want to be entered and you are all set.