The John Chow Effect

Last week, Kevin from Blogging Tips shared his experience with paid reviews. Kevin made a special mention about my review of his blog.

Sods law strikes from time to time and for me it happened on the day John reviewed Blogging Tips. John chose to post his review of Blogging Tips 4 or 5 hours before i was catching a bus to travel around New Zealand for 4 weeks – eek!!!. I had woke up early that morning and decided to quickly check my emails etc for an hour or so before i went for the bus at 7.30am. I had about 50 emails or so already from bloggers and the number of subscribers jumped through the roof.

Kevin posted an Alexa screen shot showing the “John Chow Effect.” The John Chow Effect is the spike in traffic a blog receives when they get a mention or order a ReviewMe review from John Chow dot Com. The effect is strongest from a review because the entire post is centered around the blog that ordered it. What does this effect look like? I decided to take a look at some of the recent reviews we’ve done to see if we can fine the effect that everyone is talking about.

Graphical Explanation of the John Chow Effect


The above is the traffic graph from In case you can’t tell when the John Chow Effect hit, I pointed it out for you. 🙂


Can you tell that LifeBLUE Media ordered their review on July 9th?


Desi Baba has done a good job building his traffic after receiving the John Chow Effect on June 23rd.


After drawing in 30,000 visitors in its opening week (left side of the graph), BlogStorm ordered a review and experienced another traffic spike from the John Chow Effect.

Experience The John Chow Effect

If you wish to experience the John Chow Effect then send me a really good story from your blog that I would link to. I get tons of story submissions so your story will have to be really good to make the cut. The effect from submitted stories won’t be as great as ordering a ReviewMe review because reviews stay on the top post for at least twelve hours vs. three to four hours for a normal post.