Miscellaneous Ramblings – 1/18/2008

Fat Man Advertising Sale

Israel Lagares over at Fat Man Unleashed is having an advertising sale. He has lowered his ad prices in order to attract more sponsors to help pay off his $28,000 of medical bills.

My appendix surgery has really amassed a medical bill of over $28,000. Sadly, I don’t have health insurance. But this isn’t about not qualifying for insurance or anything like that. It’s about me needing to pay that bill, or better said, those bills because it’s more than one. They are all piled up on my dinning room table, collecting dust until I can pay them slowly. Or at all. I’m not just sitting on my butt all day not doing anything. I’ve had to recently get a dreaded 9 to 5. Just thinking of that hurts. But it’s not enough.

If you’re looking for a place to advertise your weight lost products, Fat Man Unleashed is a pretty good place to do it. Only $28 a month for a 300×250 spots. That’s a damn good deal for a site with over 1,000 RSS readers.

What Kind of Cars Do Top Bloggers Drive

Every wonder what kind of wheels the A-List bloggers roll in? David Pitlyuk wondered the same thing and emailed a bunch of big bloggers to get the answer. The only blogger that seems to fit the stereotype is Shoemoney. He drives a H2 Hummer and he’s wears sandals. Try and figure that one out.


Partying Like a Rock Star

I didn’t want to make this a separate post so I’ll just toss it here. One of the last party we attended at CES was put on by Intel. Now, when the world’s biggest chip maker puts on a party, you expect them to do it up big. And they did.

Intel booked out the 28,000 square foot Rain Nightclub and jammed it beyond Rain’s 1,800 capacity limit. Then they open the bar so the drinks flow freely (there was food too but we already ate at another party). Then they treated the invited guests to a very loud performance by Smash Mouth.

Putting on a party like this would probably mean taking out a mortgage for most people. For Intel, it wouldn’t even register as a blip on the shareholder’s report.