Microsoft Company Picnic – Water War Batter Zone


The instant I saw the Water Wars Battle Zone at the Microsoft Company Picnic, I knew I had to get in on it. It reminded me so much of the infamous rock fight I started in China. Water balloon fights in a picnic is nothing new. However, MS took it to another level with their water wars battle zone.

Each team received six water balloons and was put inside the battle cage. Inside the cage is a bungee slingshot to shoot the water balloons across the field and into the enemy cage. When the balloon hits the cage, it burst on impact and the water splashes the people inside the cage. It’s good wet fun and way more safe than a rock fight.


Here you see Jasmine and I about to launch an assault on her mom and brother. Our first two shot hit them dead on. The third balloon overshot the cage. The forth landed shout, the fifth was a hit and the final balloon flew over the cage and hit someone outside of the battle zone. Jasmine’s mom was a terrible shot. Her water balloons kept landing short, but the last two connected. Here’s a video of the battle.