Eight Things You Didn’t Know About John Chow

I received this blog tag from Zac Johnson asking me to list eight things about me that most people wouldn’t know. I stop doing blog tags a while ago because I got tagged too many times. However, since I’ve already posted five things you don’t know about me, I only need to add three more.

From The Original Five Things

1 – When I was in high school, one of my best friends was Terry Driver. He grew up to become the Abbotsford Killer and is now serving life in prison without any chance of parole. Rumor has it that I provoked Terry into becoming a serial killer when I beamed him, point blank, in the head with a tennis ball. While I did indeed shot him in the head, I assure you, that did not turned him into a serial killer. At least I hope not.

2 – I started a rock fight in China. What began as a friendly game of who can throw rocks the furthest over a fence of trees turn into a full scale battle as people on the other side of the trees started throwing rocks back at us. As far as I know, no one got hurt by the barrage of flying rocks but the rumor is I killed a family of pandas. This is not true. I am fairly sure no pandas were harmed in the great rock fight of China.

3 – I have worked a grand total of eight months at a total of three jobs. My shortest job was four hours and the longest was about seven month. I have never worked at a job since.

4 – I used to steal student’s lunch money by suckering them into a game of Three-Card Monte.

5 – While doing the Grouse Grind, I pissed off a bunch of hikers by passing them backwards.

Three New Things You Didn’t Know About John Chow

6 – I hold the record for the 100 meter dash in my high school. However, I’m sure someone must have broke that by now.

7 – During my bar hopping days, I used to bet girls $1 that I could kiss them without touching any part of their body. When they say go ahead, I would kiss them and then say, “Damn! I lost!” and give them the dollar.

8 – One time at a house party, I was talking to this girl. We were hitting it off really well but the party ran out of drinks. I decided to head to the store to get more and asked if she would like to come with me. She agreed and we went to my car. I open the car door for her but before she could get in, I grab her and kissed her full on the mouth. She gave me a startle look and I said, “The first kiss is always the most troublesome. I figure we should get it out of the way.” She slapped me and went back to the party. I went to the store alone.