Make Money Online With Kontera ContentLink

Kontera ContentLink is one of John’s top money makers and can be a very good income source for bloggers. One problem that many Kontera publishers run into is that the ContentLink JavaScript will sometimes link to bold and heading text. John has previously discussed some ways to optimize Kontera ContentLink, but in order to prevent bolded text from being included in ContentLink, he suggested using a text filter span.

<span name=KonaFilter>Any text within the span will not get spidered for

This solution does indeed work, but what if you have hundreds of posts already published on your site? No one wants to go in and manually edit a boatload of posts just to add in a span tag for bolded text.

Automate Bold Text Exclusion In ContentLink

I contacted Kontera and asked them to provide a better solution. Lucky for us, the Kontera team is very responsive and the developers were able to quickly add an enhancement to address this issue. If you would like to automatically exclude bolded text from ContentLink, just add the following line of code into your ContentLink JavaScript block.

var dc_isBoldActive= ‘no’ ;

I have implemented this enhancement on my site, WesleyTech, and I no longer have any bold text being linked by Kontera. This solution should make ContentLink exclude any text wrapped in the following tags: <b>, <strong>, <h1>, <h2>, <h3>. Happy ContentLinking! -Wes

Sign Up Kontera ContentLink

Kontera ContentLink allows you to make money from advertising without giving up any current advertising spots. Their technology reads your post and turns certain words into an ad. The highlighted words are double underline and an ad pops up when you hover over it. Normally Kontera requires a site have a minimum 500,000 page views per month before being accepted into the program. However, John has a partnership with Kontera that will allow smaller blogs to use their ContentLink service.

Fill out the application and enter “John Chow Kontera partnership” into the Comments field. The application is sent to John’s personal account representative. He will approve you based on your blog content and not your traffic level. This is a great way to use a service that is normally only available to high traffic sites.