Make Money On The Internet – SEO Vs. PPC

There are two ways in increase search engine traffic to your blog – SEO (search engine optimization) or PPC (pay per click). There are two schools of thoughts between the camps. The SEO group say SEO is the only way to go while PPC guys think SEO results take too long and the target is always moving.

Having dealt with both SEO and PPC I can understand both side of the argument. PPC is predictable and measurable. You can get data within a few hours of setting up the PPC campaign. By comparison, SEO tries to take a guess at what Google wants and deliver those requirements. Results are often hit or miss and could take months to see. Is it any wonder why most Internet marketers prefer PPC to SEO when trying to make money on the Internet? However, even if you’re a die hard PPC member, you shouldn’t ignore the power of SEO.

How Much Are You Losing By Not Doing SEO?

As I have stated, I have friends who do nothing but PPC and don’t brother with SEO. They rather bid on the term “make money online” than try to show up on Google’s SERP. If you look at the numbers, that can be a very expensive undertaking.

According to my Google AdWords control panel you would need to bid $1.75 to $2.62 per click in order to get into the top 3 sponsored ads spot of the Google SERP page for the term make money online. Using a really evil make money online promotion, I managed to get into the organic results for free. I am current ranked number four across most of the Google data centers. Let’s look at how much money that saves me.

Early stats shows the key phrase is sending me 84 visitors per day. Over a 30 days month, it would mean 2,520 visitors if the average stays the same (I think it will increase as more data centers update). If I were to try to achieve this same result using PPC, it would cost me $4,410 to over $6,600 per month.

My PPC friends would respond to the above by saying, “So what? We’ll still make money on it.” That maybe true, but I for one would rather pocket the saving and make money on it. 😈