Make Money Online Anchor Test Results


Here are some really early stats on what happens when you can rank on page 1 of a prized search term. The above screen shot is my Google search stats for the past three days.

As you can see, make money online quickly vaulted to the second highest search term. The number one search term for finding this blog is still “John Chow” (who would have guessed?). Another thing I noticed is that I am now ranking on page 1 of Google for “making money online.” That phrase is not searched as much as make money online but it’s an added bonus since I wasn’t trying to rank for it.

These stats are early but they are very encouraging. Having 252 new search engine visitors in three days means over 2,500 people will discover this blog every month. There is no way I will be able to retain all of them. However, because they’re searching for something that this blog talks about, I hope a fair percentage will stick around, bookmark me, or add me to their RSS readers. Judging by the recent rise of the FeedBurner RSS counter, I say quite a number of people are doing that.

Below is a graph of my journey to to the front of Google’s search engine results page. Thanks to Justin at Water Cooling 101 for tracking it for me.


Were You Searching For Make Money Online?

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