Look What UPS Just Dropped Off


I have to hand it to OhMiBod. When they said they were going to send me one for review, I was expecting just the vibrator. Upon opening the package, I found the OhMiBod plus some fun acSEXsories. Suki, OnMiBod’s founder, included a Hot Pink Softskin Sleeve, an OhMiBod Garter belt for iPod nano, and an OhMiBod T shirt. The OhMibod doesn’t come with batteries but Suki included some so that it’s all “ready to go.”

For those who don’t know, the OhMiBod is the world’s first iPod vibrator. The OhMiBod is sure to make the iPod a girl’s best friend. It gives new meaning to the term “plug and play,” and lets you feel the music in way you never thought possible. The OhMiBod sells for the very appropriate price of $69 (aff). It ships in a nice discreet gray box so the UPS man won’t be giving you the look.

Somehow, I get the feeling that Michael Kwan is going to refuse to review this product. I wonder if Jane May or Jennifer Lynn is available? I’m sure it will help Jane’s career or help Jennifer forget that’s she a broke-ass student. It’ll be really cool if they can do a video review. Then I can sell pay per views for it. I am so evil. :mrgreen: 😈