Michael Kwan Joins The TechZone

Most John Chow dot Com readers know him as the comment whore because he shows up on a bunch of blogs that run the Top Commentator plugin. Michael Kwan is currently number 3 on this blog, number 2 on Stephen Fung’s blog, and number 1 on Ed Lau’s blog. The only blog where Kwan is not on the top commentator list is on his blog, but this is only because I told him to remove his name from the list.

Michael Kwan is a professional freelance writer based out of my hometown of Vancouver. Being a freelance writer in Canada basically translates to, “Will write for food, God bless.” Since I didn’t want Michael starving, I offered him the position of hardware editor at The TechZone.

As a TTZ editor, Michael gets to play with some of the coolest tech gadgets in the world. Here’s a sampling of the reviews he has written for The TechZone so far.

In addition to writing for TTZ and spamming filling my blog with comments, Michael finds time to write for his blog, which has proof that I am the root of all evil.