Lobster Summer at The Keg

Tonight we went to the Keg Steakhouse for Lobster summer. Until August 19th, all Keg locations are offering a tempting variety of your favorite lobster dishes. The lobsters are shipped in from the Atlantic coast and there are five lobster menus to choose from.

The Keg is one of my favorite dining spots. I used to eat there every Sunday night but lately haven’t had time to go as often as I would like. I guess this is good thing. Dining at the Keg too often can add considerable weight to the body. Greg Morgan and his girlfriend Linda joined Sarah, Sally and myself for the Lobster Summer.

Steak & Half Lobster


This was my dish (Greg and Linda ordered the same). A tender top sirloin cooked medium rare, with a fresh half Atlantic lobster. Served with hot butter, lemon and a Caesar salad. Very few combinations go together as well as steak and lobster!

Whole Atlantic Lobster


Now this is what I’m talking about! Two pounds of sweet and succulent lobster, served with hot butter, lemon and a Caesar salad. Sarah couldn’t finish it so I had to help her. The lobsters at the Keg were very good. However, they’re not as good as the ones served at c restaurant.

Dinner for four (Sally doesn’t count) came to $220 with drinks and tip. I’m almost a little hesitant to post this dinning adventure because the last time I wrote about eating a lobster, some people got mad at me because I disrespected the lobster.

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