Playing With My Food

How many times have your mom told you not to play with your food? Well, she may change her mind if she saw what I had for dinner. Either that or she’ll faint. Some will no doubt use the following video as proof that I am the root of all evil. Not only do I slay baby pandas, but I also torment poor helpless lobsters by showing them what their insides looks like.

The lobster is served raw. Well, the tail is served raw. They separate the lobster between the head and tail, cut up the tail meat and serve it to you while the lobster is still alive (no doubt wondering where its tail is). This proves to the dinners that the lobster is fresh.

After you consume the raw tail (which is really good), they take the lobster away and fry it so you can go after the claw meat.

After finishing that, they take it away one more time and use its skeleton as the flavor based for a soup.

Nothing goes to waste! 😈

The Last Thing The Lobster Saw


Thanks to Ilker for the Photochop.