John Chow dot Com Cracks Technorati Top 50

It took a while but this blog has finally broke into the Technorati Top 50. Currently, I’m ranked number 50 with an authority of 5,332. However, Technorati still refuses to put me in their official Top 100 blog list.

Apparently, I’m not the only top 100 blog not included in the official list. For example,, which is ranked number 15 is no where to be seen on the official list as well. I’m sure there are bunch of others top 100 blogs missing. As I’ve stated in a previous post, Technorati plays favorites with the Top 100 and hand selects the blogs to be included. Just because you have enough authority to break the top 100 doesn’t mean they’ll add you to their list.

What is even more funny is you don’t really need to be a top 100 blog to make the Top 100 list. CrunchGear is currently at number 100 on the list but if you check their Technorati profile, you’ll see they have a rank of 120. As a matter of fact, the last four blogs in the official Top 100 list are not top 100 blogs. Go figure.