Technorati Plays Favorites With The Top 100

For many bloggers, getting into the Technorati Top 100 is an ultimate achievement. To be listed on the same list that features the most popular blogs on the Internet is enough to make any webmaster feel proud.

Breaking into the Top 100 requires a blog to generate a lot of authority. This authority is measured by the number of blogs linking to your blog. Currently, you’ll need 3,421 blogs linking to your blog in order to crack the Top 100. However, even if you have that many blog backlinks, it’s not a guaranteed that Technorati will list you.

You Are Ranked 63 But We Are Not Putting You In The Top 100

techno-64.pngCase in point. My blog has a Technorati rank of 63 with an authority of 4,732. However, if you look at the Top 100 list, you’ll see that I am no where to be found. I can only conclude that Technorati plays favorites and hand selects the blogs to be included in the Top 100.

This is in contrast to the Most Favorited list. I am on that list at number 16. However, I am sure more people check the Top 100 than the Most Favorited list.

Not being listed in the “official” Top 100 doesn’t hurt me in anyway financially. A search of my blog on Technorati clearly shows me well inside the Top 100 and that is really all I care about since you need to be a Top 100 Technorati blog in order to get a five star Technorati rating for ReviewMe.

Speaking of ReviewMe, there script that detects Technorati rankings is messing up. I went to updated my ratings and when I pushed the button, it delivered back a Technorati rank of 133. That reduced my rating to four stars, which got me a little upset. I emailed ReviewMe and they said they’ll fix it.