It’s Not Just News, It’s MEGA Tech News!

In addition to the technology review site Futurelooks, my friend Stephen Fung is also the owner of Mega Tech News. I was talking to Stephen two days ago about trying ReviewMe (aff) from an advertiser’s standpoint. After all, they now have an affiliate program that gives you $25.00 for referring an advertiser. And since I can refer myself, I can get $25.00 off on a review.

Stephen thought that was a great idea and ordered up this ReviewMe review of Mega Tech News on the last day of the 50% sale using his own ReviewMe affiliate account (BTW – the 50% coupon code still works, but I’m not sure for how long). Not to be outdone, I ordered up a review of John Chow dot Com on Stephen’s blog. His blog cost $60 for a review. 50% off gives it to me for $30. The $25 I made for referring myself brings the price of the review down to $5.00. 😈 *Evil at work*

It’s Not Just Tech, It’s MEGA Tech

With a name like MEGA Tech News, you expect the blog to be filled with mega amounts for technology news. And MEGA Tech News does deliver. The site is updated multiply times per day. There are 30 news categories containing nearly 600 posts. The post count would be a lot higher if MEGA Tech News posted each news piece individually instead of using a review and article round up on some posts.

An outsider may wonder how much time it takes to find that much news to post. The answer is none. MEGA Tech News sources most of its news from Futurelooks, which receives dozen of news stories every day. Instead of going out to look for the news, the news comes to MEGA Tech. If you have a technology related story and want it to appear on a MEGA Tech News, then you can send a news release to and they may post it.

It’s Too MEGA!


Everything about MEGA Tech News is big, too big really. The headline font is huge and there’s a big 3D RSS button next to the mega MEGA Tech News logo. However, clicking on the button brings you back to the MEGA Tech home page instead of the RSS feed. Stephen may want to fix that.

Like many tech sites, MEGA Tech News has a mega number of ads. There’s TribalFusion, Google AdSense, TTZ Media, FastClick, Vibrant Media, you name it, it’s got it. Stephen has learned my “Never put all your eggs in Google’s basket” lesson very well. If you wish to have an ad free version of MEGA Tech News, then you can simply subscribe to their full feed RSS. You’ll get all the news, without the ads.

First, it was the Google IM ads, now it’s, “I’ll buy a review from you, you buy a review from me.” What next?