Making Money For Darren Rowse

There are two reasons why you’re reading this post. The first is you’re a regular reader of John Chow dot Com and this is the latest post on the blog. The second reason is you just clicked on a Google Adsense ad running on that looks something like this.


If you belong to the second group, then maybe you’re wondering why I sent such an ad to Problogger. Darren and I have been “AdSense IMing” each other with Google Ads. I started it, Darren replied. The above ad, which is running on Problogger, is in reply to Darren’s John Chow Loves Me ad that is running on this blog.

Now I don’t mind giving Darren some money. After all, he runs a great blog and should be rewarded for it. I’m also very flatter that he is running ads on my blog. I guess that makes us even since we’re spending money on each other. I know Google is very happy about it and is praying that this “love fest” continues.

I like to welcome all the Problogger readers who clicked on the Make Darren Rowse Money ad. If you love reading Problogger, then chances are you’ll love reading John Chow dot Com. In addition to showing how to make money from blogging, John Chow dot Com covers technology, investments, other internet income opportunities, and food (lots of food)! It’s best not to read this blog on an empty stomach. 🙂

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I would really appreciate it if you tell me what you thought of my Google IM ad. You may do so in the comments. Thank you.