It’s Feels Like I’m In Another Country

I’m in Montreal, Quebec right now. We’ve decided since we were already in Toronto, we might was well drive over and see the next Province. Let me tell you, Quebec doesn’t look like any Province of Canada. For one thing, all the signs are in French with no English translation. This has to be the only place in the world that does that. No matter what country I have gone into, there was alway an English translation for a sign.

The people in Quebec are nice enough. They speak to you in French first and when they realize you don’t understand a word they’re saying, they switch to English. We chatted with a few locals to try and get an idea on where to eat. They told us to go to Old Montreal if we wanted to sample some really nice French food. We ended up at a place call Les Pyrenees. The food was good but I expected better for the price. We’re heading to Quebec City tomorrow. The new GPS is getting a good work out. Here are some pics.

The Olympic Stadium


The Montreal Botanical Garden



Basilique Notre-Dame


Saint Joseph Oratory



What’s Up Doc? Mmmm, Rabbit!