How To Do Affiliate Marketing Launches with Facebook

Most launches these days come with tools for their fellow affiliates. I’m in the middle of a launch right now where they’ve given me eBooks to giveaway, swipe copy, and banners. You’ll be wise to take advantage of those tools. Today I’m going to talk about how you can use Facebook during the next affiliate launch you participate in.

Step #1 – Use the swipe copy

You’re going to want to set up an email campaign for this launch. Think of the product that you’re promoting. It’s of interest to a particular group of people that are interested in similar things. It’s best to create lists that are centered around a single interest.

Step #2- Create forms

If you’re using AWeber, then it’s quite easy to make a form and install it on your Facebook fan page. There are two reasons for doing this: first, get people onto  a targeted list by giving them one of the free eBooks that are provided; second, we’re going to run Facebook ads that use the form as a landing page.

After you’ve put the form up, you’ll want to add a custom image for the tab. You’re going to generate leads and re-market to those leads. Not every person exposed to the product is going to buy right away.

Step #3- Create Facebook ads


There are two types of ads that you’ll want to take advantage of during an affiliate contest; sponsored stories & 308 by 308 pixel ads. If you don’t already know, sponsored stories show up primarily in the newsfeed; however, they can often appear in the right sidebar as well.

The reason for running sponsored stories is that you can display social proof. These types of advertisements show Likes, Comments, and Shares; whereas, 308 by 308 pixel ads only show Likes.

When you’re creating 308 by 308 pixel ads, you’re given a variety of other targeting options. Make sure you dial down on your ideal customer for this product. Make sure you know the answer to this question, “Who needs this product?” You’ll then want to create custom audiences by extracting the ID’s from the people you want to target. Use the FB power editor and social lead freak to make this all happen.


When you take advantage of the swipe copy, banners, and free eBook giveaways, you will come out on top in the next affiliate contest you participate in. You’ll generate leads by giving away free eBooks and re-market to them on the back-end through emails. Have you guys used Facebook in any of your affiliate contests?