6 Effective Ways To Write A Boring Headline

Is your title boring?

You know that the headline is very important when writing your blog post.

If you get it right, your post stands a better chance of going viral.

Often, the difference between content that attracts targeted visitors and another that was buried in archive is the headline.

If you like, you can call it the title, but what matters is your ability to write a clickable one.

In this post, I’d address the other aspect of writing a boring headline, and how you can avoid doing it.

Most people that I know have good ideas to write about, but they don’t know how to write to attract clicks.

Below are 6 effective ways to write a headline that would fail you – read the “quick fixes” for the right answers:

1.   Writing to everyone 


You don’t need to bring everybody to your blog. If you try, you’d fail – beginning from the headline.

So many bloggers and online entrepreneurs are yet to know who their audience is. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Before you write a blog post, you ought to picture your reader, as if he or she were standing beside you.

And it’s all about picking a niche you’re passionate about – a niche market you can dominate easily.

For instance, if you haven’t made your first $100 online, tell me how you’re going to write about money making effectively. Sure, you can try to fake it, but your headline would show the ugly side.

Quick fix: get to know who your target audience is. Visit discussion boards (forums) and listen to potential customers – what words are they using in their conversations? Get enough data for use in your headline writing. You’d learn a lot by hanging out.

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2.    Forgetting to add figures

You can study successful blog posts that went viral – most likely, the headline had figures. Just like the post you’re reading now. I had to add figure (6) to it, so that my readers can expect a specific result at the end of the post.

When you fail or forget to use figures on your headline, your readers would be confused. No matter how you try to engage people, it’s always difficult if your title isn’t specific. Yes, I’ve written headlines that had no figures, but it was relative on the topic.

Quick fix: It’s a good writing practice when you add figures on your headline. And most important, if your readers are beginners, adding figures can drive your message home.

3.   No in-depth research

What’s the secret of writing quality content? Maybe you don’t know yet, but it all boils down to the research you did, prior to sitting down to write.

Read blog posts from your favorite writers and bloggers. Buy books and watch videos. I usually visit TED.com for content insights.

Quick Fix: Research all you can – get out of your comfort zone and read up content outside your niche. You don’t have to be a marketing expert to read marketing articles.

Prolific and creative writers have mastered the art of “building bridges.” Every idea can help you write better headlines. This works, trust me.

4.   No headline swipe file

It can be difficult for any blogger/writer to continually write clickable headlines, without a swipe file. It’s like researching and storing up keywords for use in your niche sites.

As ideas come to you, don’t store them up in your brain. Your brain can’t process all the thoughts at once. You need to save some and resort to them later.

Quick fix: You need to keep headline swipe file. You can use Evernote or notepad to jot down ideas as they drop on your brain.

Even your android mobile devices can be handy as well. No idea is a waste – it can be funny, formal or informal. Maybe you had an experience at the restaurant. It could be helpful when crafting your titles.

5.   Not researching your keyword

As simple as keyword research is, most people still don’t do it. They believe it’s irrelevant in this Panda, Penguin and EMDs era. But that’s not true. In fact, keyword research is still the fundamental aspect of producing better content.

Anytime you fail to dig your keywords, you’d be lost; ignorant of what your target audience is searching for. And when this happens, any headline you write would be boring. It’d suck as well.

And keyword research isn’t all about using them on your headline, or sprinkling them within the article itself, it’s more than that. It guides you when writing any form of content.

Quick fix: Bloggers and content marketers should research keywords first. Get a keyword swipe file to store those long tail key phrases. Pick one of the key terms and start your headline with it. Write from your heart, but don’t neglect your target keywords.

6.   When you’re focused on the money

On a final note, when you want the money desperately, you can’t produce better headlines. Your titles would be pushy and full of hype. I’m sure you’ve read those B.S. sales letters?

Telling someone how to make 10k weekly or even monthly might be suspicious.

Because making money online is relative on taking the right steps and monetizing properly. If your headline is unrealistic, it can mislead people.

People who focus on the money miss out on the “core” aspect of blogging and internet marketing, which is to build a relationship that would make you wealthy over time.

Quick fix: Making money online is good, but don’t make it your all and all. Being desperate about money making can destroy your writing genius, and dry your insights.

Focus on solving problems and the money you need would come in large chunks. Recognize that making money online isn’t a hit-and-run affair – you’re required to work hard and connect with the right people.

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Over to you

Have you ever written a headline that sucked and what are you doing right now to improve your headline writing skills? Remember, it’d change the way you write your content and hopefully help you make more money. What do you say?

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