How to Use Basic Psychology to Boost Your Sales

Did you know that you can use basic psychology to boost your sales?

Burger King is one of the big names that use psychology in their marketing strategy to encourage people to buy from them. They do that by using the color red in their logo. According to many, this color can quickly attract people’s attention. Many people even argue that it makes you feel hungrier.

We aren’t sure which one is the actual reason behind the color of this fast-food company’s logo. But whatever it may be, both try to use psychology to get people to buy from them. And the strategy so far appears to have worked well for the company.

So why not try using it in your marketing tactics as well to reach your conversion goals? Let’s find out some successful ways to use psychology to increase your sales.

1. Create Urgency

One of the most effective ways of using psychology to boost sales is to create urgency. By doing that, you can instill FOMO or Fear of Missing Out in your users.

FOMO is a psychological trigger that people react to when they see that they are missing out on something that others are enjoying.

It mostly triggers upon seeing others’ posts on social media or while shopping online. You can try using it in your marketing strategy and see how it can instantly boost your sales.

A good way of doing that is to display the limited availability of your products or running a limited period sale. No one wants to miss out on such opportunities. So when they see these offers, they will instantly want to grab them in fear of missing out.

However, this technique works best when you can show how the product is relevant to them. That’s where the next tip comes in.

2. Add Social Proof

The best way to show the relevance of your products is to use social proof. According to Psychology Today, as human beings, we don’t have much control over our thoughts and behaviors. We take cues from our environment and tend to imitate the thoughts and actions of people around us.

You can use this psychology by using social proof as one of your marketing tactics. The best way of doing that is to display proof of others purchasing your product. It’s a great way of building trust and encouraging your visitors to take action on your website.

Products like TrustPulse makes it easier to do that with just a few clicks.

Another very effective way of using social proof on your website is to add user-generated content or product reviews. When your visitors see the happy experiences of your existing customers, they feel more confident about making the purchase.

That’s because UGC or product reviews don’t appear promotional, and people like to trust such real experiences that your customers share on your website.

3. Use the Left Digit Effect

The left digit effect is when you price your product with a .99 in the end. For example, instead of pricing it at $30, you price it at $29.99.

Although the difference between the two prices is negligible, it makes a psychological impact on your buyers. Most people like to believe the latter to be more affordable than the former one.

That’s because they are too focused on the initial number, which in this case is 29. This makes them believe that the number falls in the 20-30 range instead of 30-40.

It is a good way of creating an illusion that the number is in the lesser range, which in turn encourages people to buy your product.

4. Make Shipping Look Free

Most buyers get anchored to the initial price they see. So if you want to add the shipping charges, you should add them with the first price itself.

By adding them separately, you might raise anxiety in them, and they might be discouraged from making the purchase. When you explain to them that the shipping price is free, they begin to trust you and will feel like you’re doing a favor.

Another way of boosting your sales is by telling them that the shipping charges will be free if they shop for a certain amount. For example, you’re offering free shipping for a purchase worth $800.

Now, if your customer buys different products worth $750 and has to pay $25 for shipping, they might as well add a few more products to make it $800 to waive off the shipping charge.

It’s a great way to encourage your buyers to add more products to their cart.

5. Make People Curious

Do you know why clickbait headlines work so well? That’s because it raises curiosity amongst your users and encourages them to find out more about the subject.

You may usually not be interested in the matter, but when you see such headlines, you are curious to know the answer.

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As a result, you end up clicking on the headline. This is called the curiosity gap in psychology.

You can use the same psychology to push your visitors down the sales funnel and encourage them to make a purchase. But one thing to keep in mind when you use the curiosity gap technique in your marketing strategy is that you deliver what you promise.

Otherwise, your users will feel cheated, and they’ll stop trusting you. If that happens, they might never even come back to your website again. But we don’t want that to happen. So be quick in delivering what the users are looking for.

These are some of the most effective ways of using psychology to boost your sales. You can implement them in your marketing strategy to understand your user’s behavior and connect with your audience on a real level.

But each case and scenario may be different from the other. So don’t hesitate to make subtle changes to the tactics discussed above. This will help you figure out which technique works best for your business, and you’ll eventually make the best out of it.