How To Be A MOFO

I just saw a buddy over on Facebook say something that I had never heard before. However, I think you’ll agree with him as I did. I wasn’t quite sure where he was going with it but he said that most people suffer from FOMO online. FOMO?

FOMO = Fear of Missing Out

This is so true. And it’s a completely irrational and destructive behavior. Let me explain. It all starts with a little kid with a dream to get rich and become free. His parents never had much money, and when they did, they’d fight over it. He’d vowed he would never be like that when he grew up because he’d have more money than he’d ever need, and he’d help and give to others.

Now imagine, this kid grows up, has been saving and working his tail off for years for this, and now, he can finally afford to buy a successful Franchise at a hefty sum. So he buys it. What do you expect him to do next? He’s going to build up that business, follow the Franchises step-by-step instructions and make millions right!?

Yet, what if… What if you saw him the very next day see another hot franchise opportunity and so now he drops what he’s doing and goes to try to invest in that one too? Then the next day he gets an email from a friend about a “limited offer” that he has to jump on now! And off he goes. Then his neighbors house goes up for foreclosure, and he had just saw that Infomercial on getting rich in real estate, so now he’s got a $497 course called “No Money Down” headed his way.

You see where this story is going?

You’d think this guy is a dumb ass fool. He had an incredible opportunity, if only he would eliminate all the other noise and focus on that alone.

Don’t Be An ‘If-Only’

Opportunities are everywhere. However, you can’t do it all. You’ve got to pick one, and DO IT! This is a business. Treat it like one. Throwing a bunch of different crap at the wall and hoping something sticks is a bad strategy.

You need to throw a bunch of the SAME ‘quality’ crap at the wall, and if it doesn’t stick? Throw some more. And then some more.. And then when some does stick, you find out why and do that a LOT MORE!… #wealth formula

(Albeit, probably the nastiest wealth formula you’ve ever been given. Oh well… moving on…)

It’s so easy to pick up a $47 opportunity, a $7 “how-to”, or any other *don’t miss out* trend that’s going around. The Scarcity-Effect is going on online in full force. People buy these products like they’re lotto tickets, and people that play that game? Well, they’ve got the exact same odds of winning online as they do scratching off those little turd-tickets at 7-11.

Get this now: You’re not missing out! It takes ONE good idea, ONE good strategy, ONE great plan to stick to in order to become wealthy. You don’t need more products. You need MOFO.

MOFO = MO’ Focus


Remove all the excess chatter going on around you, pick a plan that sounds right, and get started. The 3 Big Things You Want To Consider:

  • Traffic: Does the business have enough traffic where I can make plenty of money?
  • Conversions: Will my marketing funnels convert these leads into buyers?
  • Economics: Will I be able to invest in traffic and marketing to get the sale, and generate enough income to have a profitable business that can take me to 6-7 figures a year?

That last one most people don’t consider much at all, when in reality that’s where they should start. Why grow a business if you don’t know it will be profitable? Who cares if a product is HOT… when the business model sucks? Most people are using a crappy business model that makes little to no money. Why do I make six-figure monthly income? Because I use the Ultimate Online Profit Model, and I stay focus on it. I am a MOFO. You should be one too.