How toRun a Split-Test

It’s important that you regularly test different elements of your website to make sure it’s optimized for increased conversions and boosted business. A/B split testing your lead magnets will show you what consumers respond to and what they don’t care for so you can streamline the customer experience. Split testing is when you show consumers two different versions of an optin to see which one converts more visitors and receives more clicks and interactions.

For your lead generation strategy, you need to make sure you split test your lead magnets to see what’s bringing in eager subscribers and what’s turning them away.

Let’s go further in-depth on how you can split test your lead magnets so you get better results.

1. Know your audience

Before you can jump in and start creating different variables of your lead magnet to test, you need to know how your current visitors are interacting with your site and its content as well as the type of content they’re interested in. Based on this information, you’ll be able to create a suitable strategy that will get your conversions back on track.

You can use Google Analytics to track your website’s progress and figure out how users spend time on your website. It’s also helpful to download the MonsterInsights plugin if your site is hosted through WordPress because it allows you to look at its performance right from your WordPress dashboard for extra simplicity.

Take note of your visitors’ behaviors when they browse your site, including:

  • Bounce rate
  • Average time on page
  • Page views
  • New visitors
  • Recurring visitors
  • Referral traffic
  • Device usage

All of these things will tell you what kind of users are browsing your site so that you’ll know what variables of your lead magnet to test for the optimum conversions.

2. Test your variables

When it comes to split testing your lead magnets, there are several different elements of your landing page you can split test:

  • Images
  • Word choice
  • Copy length
  • Optin placement
  • Designs
  • Colors
  • Button color
  • Button copy

Your goal is to present the same lead magnet in two different ways to visitors to determine which one brings you better results. It’s crucial to choose one element to test at a time as doing several defeats the purpose of comparing variables. This will help you properly track what visitors are responding to and what they’re actively ignoring.

From your OptinMonster dashboard, find the campaign you want to split test and click the three dots next to it called More Options.

Click A/B split test.

Create a name for your split test and add any notes you want to remember.

From here, choose the single element you’re first going to test on your website. You can edit it any way you’d like.

Click Save and you’re all done.

3. Analyze results

When you’ve collected enough data to see significant results, starting as soon as four weeks after you start your split test, you can begin to analyze it up close. As time goes on, you may notice a pattern particular to your target audience that will also help you create future lead magnet optins.

Use your findings to optimize your lead generation strategy by giving visitors the experience they want. Different elements and characteristics appeal to different people, and through split testing can take time and money, the significant conversions it brings is well worth the effort.

Pay attention to certain metrics like unique visitors that end up on your landing page, number of views, number of conversions, and conversion rate. Study how users engage with your lead magnet’s optin and its landing page to learn more about how they explore your website.

Conversioner’s A/B test calculator lets you analyze your A/B test results by plugging in your visits and conversions.

Over to you

It’s good for your website’s health to perform A/B split tests regularly on different elements of your website because it tells you what your visitors want. It’s important to remember only to test one variable at a time otherwise it’ll be difficult to tell why conversions increased or didn’t. From there, analyze your results to determine how you can streamline your conversion strategy and double your optins. It’s worth the extra time, money, and effort it takes to successfully run a split test when the results are so significant.