Sales Funnel Creation Step 1 – How To Create a Lead Magnet

On Wednesday’s Driving with John Chow, I walked you through the four components of the money-making sales funnel. Today, I’ll break it down into individual steps, starting with the lead magnet.

The lead magnet is the most important component of the sales funnel. This is something you must get right, or your dreams of living the Dot Com Lifestyle will just remain a dream. A lead magnet is a free item that you offer in exchange for getting the email address of your leads. Examples include ebooks (like the Ultimate Online Profit Models), downloadable software, video course, etc. The more perceived value the lead magnet offers, the higher the opt in rate.

While the lead magnet is extremely important, how you present it your leads is just as important. To get the highest opt in rate possible, I use a service call Lead Pages. If you were at yesterday’s Lead Pages live training, then you already know how awesome that service it. Lead Pages is the best lead capturing service on the Net. I use it for al my lead magnet pages.

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