How To Post Your Email Newsletter To Your Facebook Fan Page

Here’s cool little Aweber trick to start your weekend with. Aweber had the ability to post your email newsletter to your Facebook profile for quite a awhile. However, that ability didn’t extend to Fan Pages. This limitation wasn’t because of Aweber. The Facebook API simply didn’t allow it. That’s all changed with the recent updates to Facebook and Aweber has changed their integration so you can now post your email newsletters to your Facebook Fan Page. Here’s how.

Log into your Aweber account, go to “List Settings” under the “My Lists” tab and select the list you want to add your Facebook Fan page to. Click over to the “Personalize Your List” tab, and you’ll see a section call Social Meda / Sharing. You’ll be able to connect to your Facebook (and Twitter) account there.

Click the Connect with Facebook button. You’ll be taken to Facebook where it’ll ask you if you wish to allow Aweber to connect to your account.

Once you allow Aweber to connect, you’ll be taken back to Aweber and there you’ll see all the Facebook accounts that you control. You should select the Fan page you want as the default.

Now, when you write a new broadcast email, you’ll see a big Facebook graphic that’ll allow you to connect the broadcast and send it to your Facebook Fan Page (or whatever page you choose). You can connect your Twitter account using this same method.

Social media and email marketing are not mutually exclusive. The two works really well together. I use social media to get people to sign up to my newsletter and then use email to build the relationship and close the sale. If I had to choose, then I would take email over social media. However, I doubt we’ll ever have to choose one over the other so you should definitely have both an Aweber account and Facebook / Twitter account.