How To One-Up The Millionaire Next Door

Most of the time, One-upping the person next door involves nothing more than getting the latest Apple gadget. However, when you live in Yarrow Point, one-upping the neighbors require a lot more creativity and a ton more money. I got an example of that during the 4th of July celebration when a few of the neighbors went at it to see who can put on the best private fireworks display.

Spending thousands on private fireworks is just one example of neighbor one-upmanship. Several of the houses at Yarrow Point have private sea planes docked next to the boats. A less expensive one-up example came during the 4th of July parade. One neighborhood kid decided to one-up the rest by equipping this Tonka truck with an iPod music system. Of course, it wasn’t playing any music since it required a 120V power source.

4th of July Parade

The best example I’ve seen so far of millionaire one-upmanship came from my neighbor across the water. I guess winning the private fireworks display wasn’t enough. He turned his backyard into a giant water slide and is now the envy of all the parents in the neighborhood.

Turning the backyard into a giant water slide.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Sally and I are going to head across the water to try out the slide.