How To Get Your Youtube Videos Ranked

Once you’ve got your channel set up and customized, it’s time to start generating massive amounts of traffic to your videos by optimizing them. It’s pretty easy to do. You just need to know what ‘actually’ gets real results. The things I will cover include:

  • Keyword Research using Youtube’s Keyword Tool
  • Tag Updates/Spy on the competition
  • Title Tag optimization
  • Description optimization
  • Youtube Analytics

Let’s begin

1. Keyword Research using Youtube’s Keyword Tool

Until I learned how to use it, I never fully utilized the tool for my marketing campaigns. There are some things you should know: ‘Not enough data’ means that the keyword is searched less than 5,000 times per month. This has been typically interpreted as stay away from, but after research and testing, we know that these are actually good keywords to target.

To access the tool, click here:

What keywords will you target?

2. Tag Updates/Spy on the competition

It’s common in the industry to hear phrases like, “SEO is dead” and “SEO is a waste of time” and “Google changes their algorithm too much.” It is indeed a fact that Youtube has gone through more changes than Google itself. One of the major changes they’ve done recently is completely getting rid of the ‘Tags’.

Identifying ranked videos and copying tags was pretty commonplace among video marketers. Now the tags are hidden… unless you hit right click on your mouse and ‘View Page Source’ and read the meta keywords tag. Using this simple strategy will allow you to continue spying on the competition to identify their keywords.

3. Title Tag optimization

How do you properly optimize your Title Tags for results? First identify a primary keyword to base the video off and then identify a secondary keyword. Then you create a Title Tag that uses both of them. Display the primary keyword first and then insert the secondary one next. Add some effects to make the title appealing and you’re done with this step.

Below is an example of such:

Video Marketing – 5 Reasons Why You Must Do Video Marketing Today

4. Description optimization

I experienced massive results with my video marketing when I followed this simple trick I’m about to teach you.

  • Put the keyword first in the description
  • Include a link immediately after
  • Write a 200-400 word post and putting your desired primary keyword in it.

Youtube is favoring sites that put more content in the description box. It works wonders. Try it and share your experience with me.

5. Youtube Analytics

To access youtube analytics, click here:

Just by using my YouTube Analytics and making some changes, I was able to increase my views significantly. There are some key indicators that you should be paying attention to. They are:

  • Traffic Sources
  • Suggested Videos
  • Comments

Look at one of your videos, then analyze traffic sources. This will tell you exactly what people are typing into Search Engines and Youtube to find your videos. You’ll identify keywords that you should insert into your Title Tag, this will build trust. The next thing you’ll want to analyze is the Youtube Suggested Videos. This helps you understand what viewers were watching prior to watching yours. While your videos may not get lots of comments, you can still learn from the ones you’ve gotten and analyze trends.

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