Website Traffic – Post Titles Based On Search Results

When I was taking my SEO and Internet Marketing class last month, one of the things that got re-enforced was the important of the title. Google places a lot of weight on the title and use it to help determine what your blog post is about. A good title could mean the difference between good search engine traffic and no search engine traffic. Here’s how I go about making the titles in my blog posts.

I’ll use the Getting Web Site Traffic the Old School Way post as an example. Why did Mitch use Getting Web Site Traffic the Old School Way instead of Getting Blog Traffic the Old Fashion Way? When deciding on a title, I always include the keywords I’m going after. In this case, it was web site traffic. Why wasn’t blog traffic used? Because it’s not searched as much. Using tools like Overture or WordTracker, I can see that the search volume for web site traffic is 94 times higher than blog traffic, and old school gets 16 times higher searches than old fashion.

The next time you write a blog post, check out the search volume for the keywords in your title and see if you can use higher searched keywords that can still get the same message across. This doesn’t mean you should always go with the higher searched keywords. The higher the search volume, the higher the competition for those keywords. Sometimes it’s better go after the keywords with lower search volume. You just have to make sure there’s enough volume to do it. According to Overture, blog traffic was searched only 264 times last month. That’s not enough volume.