How To Create Blogging Synergy

The Web 2.0 and blogging era give us a great way to connect with each other, but on what level are we really connecting? I know for a fact that e-mailing somebody and commenting on their blog will only take your relationship so far. Humans need something more, they need something real.

The Real Trick To Networking Online Is…

… to take the dialogue off line. Meeting a blogger face to face, or even over the phone will get you in a relationship forming position. People trust people more than they trust computers, and creating a physical impression will take you way further than an avatar ever could.

“Relationships are everyone’s business and every business is about relationships” ~ Liz Strauss

How I Do It

This weekend was the first (of many) annual SOB Conventions. An event that brought together a diverse group of bloggers, with the intention of building relationships and helping each other grow. You get a great deal of blogging tips when you get fourteen professional bloggers speaking in a seminar. You get even more blogging tips when the microphone is passed around the room to each and every person in attendance to share their best blogging tip.

My Blogging Tip: No tricks or gimmicks will ever compare to really caring about and catering for your readers.

Reading John Chow dot Com is a great way to learn about blogging, making money on the internet, delicious food, and exotic cars. Imagine how much more you could get out of talking to John Chow on the phone or better yet, having a nice conversation over some Pho.

One great thing I learned at SOBCon occurred after the actual seminar, when everyone was being social around the bar and lobby. I’ll save what I learned for a future post, but I’ll tell you that you get some really great blogging tips after people have a few beers. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What You Can Do

If you don’t have the time or money, it really isn’t necessary to fly around the country to meet fellow bloggers. Something as simple as picking up the phone, and giving someone a call, is enough to take your relationship with a fellow blogger to the next level.

It’s happening all over the world as we speak. Bloggers are Skyping each other, brainstorming ways to improve their blogs, and creating stronger bonds, friendships and relationships. It’s free, so you get your money’s worth, and if you’re smart you get to double up the conversation as a recorded podcast interview ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Never underestimate the power of synergy: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

This is a guest post by Alex Shalman. Alex writes about self help and personal development on one of the fastest growing blogs on the net.