How to Amazon Associate

Before I became a blogger in 2011, I had already started affiliate marketing.

I was using bum marketing method to promote physical products.

If you’re confused, bum marketing method simply means researching long-tail keywords and then writing articles that eventually ranks in Google top 10 within 30 days.

Back in 2011, it worked so well and I was making a lot of money off Amazon. But all that is changed now because of Panda and Penguin updates. No, not what you think. Anyone can still make extra money as an Amazon Associate but you MUST have a strategy.

Till today, I’m a proud Amazon Associate/Affiliate and I want to use this medium to guide you. Believe it or not, making money from Amazon is much easier than clickbank. I’ve experimented with both networks and I’ve drawn my conclusions based on proven facts.

Amazon is a household brand

Yes, Amazon has grown so rapidly over the past few years. They’ve also become a household brand in the U.S. Canada, Europe and the world over. People shop Amazon with peace of mind knowing that Jeff Bezos can’t run away with their hard earned money. Lol!

Unlike digital products where buyers are skeptical, Amazon sells physical products and buyers shop there as though Amazon is their favorite Supermarket down the street. It’s as serious as that!

We can’t deny the fact that the commission rates paid by Amazon are too meager, starting from 4% – 8% compared to Clickbank which gives a whopping 50% and sometimes 75%.

But does it mean you can’t succeed with Amazon Affiliate program? I don’t think so. On the contrary, ‘drops of water make the ocean.’ Since the conversion rate for these physical products are high, you can expect to make $50 – $100/day and even more when the tide falls in your own favor.

Research and promote rare products


When I say “rare,” I’m not saying that online shoppers don’t know about it. In this concept, “rare” means that the product you choose to promote at Amazon must be hidden from other affiliates.

For instance, digital cameras are one of the bestsellers on Amazon, but the competition is too much for beginners to survive. Since you know that millions of blogs have been built around digital cameras, there is no need trying your hands in that segment unless you’re prepared to wait before the sales start trickling in.

Instead of promoting digital cameras, search for items that few or no affiliate sites have been built on. For instance, a friend of mine just started a review blog on “baby towels.”

Although I don’t recommend these items because they’re cheap, and the commission would be nothing compared to an item that sells for $100+.

However, my friend started his blog in July and had made $358.35 so far from commissions. Well, he’s not scared of competition and asked me to reveal his niche, but not his URL.

If you’re wise, there are hidden niches you can target and make money easily irrespective of Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates. Be patient because the money you’re looking for will not come overnight.

Avoid Exact Match Domain Names

Before I conclude this post, I wanted to caution you on the use of exact match domain names. Still using my friend as an example, he is targeting ‘baby towels’, but his domain name has only baby on it but no towel or any other related keyword.

EMD domain names still helps in ranking, but how long and safe are you?

If I were to start a review blog on men’s jacket, considering the changes going on in the search engine world today, I’d register a domain name like:, .org, .net or, .or, .net. I will not take the risk of registering, .org or .net.

You’ve to know that when people visit your review blog from search engines (Google, especially), your conversion rate will be higher than social media traffic.

This is because when someone searches for a particular long-tail buyer keyword, that person is ready to buy and needs a little nudge from you.

That gentle ‘push’ is the benefits of the product you’re promoting. Don’t even ask people to buy now and get the benefits, simply list out the benefits they stand to gain and then leave them to make their own buying decisions. Hard-selling doesn’t work with affiliate marketing – please don’t use it in any way.

Avoid EMD names so that Google will not find any wild reason to penalize you. Writing product reviews work, but you must be neutral.

Funny enough, when you reveal the ugly aspect of the item you’re promoting, your sales will increase because you’re honest and online shoppers love honest reviewers – not some bunch of piglets that wants to steal their hard-earned money.

There you go…

Are you an Amazon associate? What is your experience so far in terms ranking highly on Google and making sales? Please drop your valuable comment below.

I still have a lot of insights to share with you in the coming months regarding Amazon and how to make a living promoting their products. Keep it locked down and expect my updates. See you ahead!

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