How To Monetize Your WordPress Blog with The Amazon Affiliate Program

Just thought I’ll give you a heads up that Chris Guthrie will be closing the sale on his EasyAzon WordPress plugin in less than seven days. If you haven’t taken advantage of his grand opening special, you have until the end of the month to do so. You may recall that I did webinar with Chris back in November on How To Cash In On The Holidays with Amazon Associates Program. EasyAzon has helped Chris generate generate $1.4 million in revenue from the Amazon Affiliate Program. I’ve been using the plugin on my Amazon affiliate sites and it has increased revenue greatly.

What Is EasyAzon?

EasyAzon is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to easily add products from into your blog. I was an early beta tester for the plugin and I can tell you it’s the best plugin of its kind that I’ve ever used. Some of the key features include:

  • Search for products to promote from Amazon without leaving your WordPress dashboard. You can search by ASIN or Keyword.
  • Quickly add high conversion Amazon affiliate text links, image based affiliate links or insert a product information block which includes more details about the product all while providing affiliate links.
  • Take advantage of your preexisting international traffic.

The ability to take advantage of international traffic is a huge benefit. Amazon link localization allows many of your Amazon affiliate links to be dynamically changed to the appropriate Amazon website based on where your visitor is looking from. For example, a UK visitor would see affiliate link instead of This ensures that you earn a commission from your International traffic.

During this grand opening period, you can pick up the plugin for only $47. This is a nice saving from the $67 the plugin will sell for once the special is over. I was able to recover the cost of the plugin in less than a day. Watch the video to see the full power of EasyAzon, then add it to your WordPress blog and watch your Amazon revenue go up. You have until the end of the month to take advantage of the grand opening price.

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