How Much Does That Conference Cost???

$15,000. That’s the cost of attending ProfitPoint. Many would say you would have be crazy to spend that much money on a conference. $15,000 was just the cost of the event. It doesn’t include hotel or travel expenses. While it may seem like a lot of money, I have to tell you that I would happily spend that much, and more, to attend a future ProfitPoint. The same goes for the $3,000 ThinkTank put on by DK.

Aside from information that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, high-end events like ThinkTank and ProfitPoint brings together the thought leaders in the industry. The networking is amazing, and the deals that are put together will make the cost of attending seem like nothing.

The Cost of Not Attending


It was at the $15,000 ProfitPoint that I met Peng Joon. Since then, we have a formed a business partnership and launched two six-figure Clickbank products, with a third one on the way. It was at the $3,000 ThinkTank that I met Matt Lloyd and his MOBE System.

If I hadn’t attended those two events, I wouldn’t be out $18,000. Instead, I would be out hundreds of thousands! I have never lost money attending a high-end event. The deals I get from it renders the cost a moot point.

My point with this post is to tell you to not look at the cost of a conference. Instead, look at the benefits of attending. They usually always outweigh the cost. Could I have hooked up with Peng Joon at a lower cost event like Affiliate Summit? Maybe, but I doubt I’ll be able to spend enough time with him to form the relationship needed to do business together. Affilate Summit is attended by 5,000+ people over three days. ProfitPoint has 50 attendees over eight days. We got to know everyone really well over those eight days.

The $26,000 Mastermind

In late April, I will be attending a one-week mastermind in Fiji. All in, this Platinum Mastermind will cost $26,000, plus travel, to attend. It will be the most expensive event I attend this year, and it will also be the most profitable. I’m not afraid to spend this money because I know I will make way more back.

If the idea of spending a week with me, and other big-name marketers, on a tropical island in Fiji sounds like fun, and you’re not daunted by the $26,000 price tag, then send me an email and I’ll get you more info about it.