How Do You Go From Zero Level To a Problogger?

The time has come for you to address a vital issue in your blogging business.

Are you really moving forward, or just writing articles and hanging out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… your favorite?

Remember, your blog is the first social media hangout ever.

You’ve to position yourself as the authority in your niche, so that your target audience can trust, believe and take action on your recommendations.

How do you go from zero level to a problogger?

This week, I got several emails from my subscribers. It’s like the new craze nowadays is getting tagged as a pro blogger. Just kidding! But that’s not why you should grow and become influential. Or is it?

The first advice I gave to about 8 persons who emailed me was that they should clear their minds and embrace uniqueness.

Of course, there are other factors that can bring you closer to that problogging status, and I want to highlight the ONES you should pursue. Right away, let’s go:

Create your own product   


Yes, if your goal is to become an expert in your niche, then you must create your own product. If you consider it critically, you’d agree with me that most if not all of your blog readers are strangers to you, except your grandma. Lol!

None of these people actually know you in person. Sure, John Chow has met hundreds of his readers and fans because he attends conferences and gives away valuable stuffs all the time.

But for most of us who are still in our blogging shell, your readers only know you by name and maybe, your photo. Believe it or not, the trust they’ve for you is not that STRONG. That’s why they don’t comment or do what you ask them to do. Period!

But the moment you create and start marketing your own product, the impression of your target audience about you will change. You may even start up a niche site to promote physical products like the digital camera, jewelry, coffee brewing machines, or even top ogio golf travel bags from Amazon and other online stores.

This is certain and I encourage you to give it a try. The product you create doesn’t have to be excellent at first. In fact, go ahead and create it anyways. Learn from your mistakes if you make any – and I’m sure you would.

Start from the basic. Write your e-book. Invest in developing a wordpress theme and start selling it at premium price. How about creating plugins and membership sites?

If you’re not a developer, hire someone to do it for you. Go to,, etc.

You could even bundle graphics and call to action buttons and sell the kit – if that’s relevant to your business.

Narrow your niche and stick to it

Probloggers don’t do everything at the same time. I see a lot of bloggers writing all sorts of content and wondering why no one is sharing them. You can’t write about blogging tips today and tomorrow, you write about travelling tickets.

Yes, I understand that you can bridge the gap by sharing your own personal experiences even when they’re off-topic. But as much as possible, try to align every piece of content to suit your audience.

You see, the readers you’ve right now came to your blog in the first place because they wanted to learn about your topic.

They believe you know more than other bloggers. You’ve to narrow your niche and stick to it, especially when you’re still getting your feet soaked.

Yes, John Chow can share his best meal, pictures of Ferari and write about money making programs, because JOHN CHOW is a brand on its own.

Whatever he writes, whether off-topic or relevant, it’d still resonate with his audience because over time, he’s built the reputation of helping people for real.

When you grow your community, you can find the unique selling proposition that suits you – but for now, narrow your niche and build your expertise therein.

How long do you’ve to wait?

Well, as long as possible. There is no deadline for becoming a problogger. Just make sure that on your way to building an active audience and making 6-figures annually, you’re truly solving real life problems.

Stay glued to answering questions that your readers are battling with. The truth is that you can’t become a problogger by accident or this month, it’s GRADUAL.

I’ve a question for you: Who do you think is a problogger and what qualities do these set of entrepreneurs have that brings them success?

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