Two Blogging Mistakes That Brought Me Success

Costly mistakes can ruin your life, but does it mean that all mistakes are bad?

This post is going to challenge everything you already know about making mistakes.

Do you always see the ugly aspect of mistakes and conclude that nothing good will come out from that muddy water? Trust me, when I started blogging, I didn’t get it right.

The truth is that I’ve even condemned most of what I did in 2011 and thought that I wasn’t qualified to do business online. Has it ever happened to you before?

My question to you is this: what mistakes have you made in your blogging career that you’re still dwelling on?

You can’t change the past, but you can always do what you’ve in your good book today. So, stop whining over spilled milk and go get another one.

Here are 2 blogging mistakes that have ushered me into a greater success in 2012.

Writing low-quality content

In 2011, most of the content I wrote lacked quality. They weren’t utterly rubbish or fillers, but those articles and blog posts are too generic, no voice or practical ideas to act on.

That year, I learnt about bum marketing method and decided to give it a try. I stuffed my articles with long-tail keywords – it was terrible!

At the time, I wasn’t even concerned about market research or knowing what my target audience wants.

I just kept writing and got little or no results that year. But isn’t it surprising to note that writing low-quality articles can actually help you become a better writer.

And because I gave myself completely and wrote articles daily, I got better over time. Yes, the articles wouldn’t win any Pulitzer Prize Award, but nonetheless it enhanced my writing skills.

Fast forward to 2012, I had already started a freelance writing business. If I didn’t train myself to continually craft low-quality content in 2011, I’ll not have the confidence and will and skill to write good content for my clients in ’12 and ’13.

Forget what everyone is saying and get back to writing. It doesn’t matter how awful your articles and blog posts reads, go ahead and write all the rubbish for all I care. I can assure you that gradually, you’re going to improve and this would happen unconsciously.

I’m telling you this from a personal experience. I’ve had my own fair share of low-quality content in the past. But today, I’m a better writer and continually learning. The mistake could be anything, even running your email marketing campaign. Just try and learn from it.

Guess blogging on PR0 – PR2 Blogs   low quality blogs

To be honest with you, I’m pretty known in the blogosphere as a guest blogger because I’ve been featured on several A-list blogs.

Over 750 of my posts are published online. See my portfolio page here.

But did you know how I started?

Due to ignorance and lack of confidence, I was writing and getting my guest posts published on newly launched blogs.

You know, it was easy and still easy to get your guest post accepted by an upcoming blogger who wants fresh content.

Most of these upcoming bloggers don’t even know what to write or how to write it, so they will be more than willing to work with you.

Every week, I wrote about 20 guest posts, of course on generic ideas and nothing spectacular and about 18 would be published that same week. But the good part is that I always add my author bio and a link back to my blog.

Yes, I agree that PR0 – PR2 links might not have much SEO value when compared to a PR4 – PR9 website.

But that notwithstanding, I continued in my quest to dominate my niche. I was enjoying it, because my posts were getting published 98% of the time.

I can’t possibly guest blog in a PR0 – PR2 blogs today, because SEO is based on authority and I need targeted traffic as well. But I’ve done it before – made all the mistakes; I agree.

Fast forward to 2012, those PR0 blogs after Google released their Panda update got higher pageranks and increased organic traffic by 210%.

I really can’t say why or how Google rewards websites. A lot of factors must have contributed to the increased pagerank.

And remember, I had my author bio; anchor links and homepage links on those blogs. My rankings also improved and so was my traffic – till this day.

Not all mistakes are bad!

As a blogger, may be you’ve made terrible mistakes in your business and you’re kind of regretting or blaming other people and the software you used, please stop. It’s time to take full responsibility for every result and failure you have.

Don’t just look at the instant reward that didn’t come to you. Begin to consider what those missteps could bring to you – in the areas of traffic, sales, conversion, subscribers and the likes.

This post is not encouraging you to go and write low-quality content or guest blog on PR0 websites, on the contrary, you’ve to learn from my mistakes and readjust your marketing style.

Don’t give up blogging just because you’ve made mistakes in the past.

Acknowledge them and move on with your career. The future is not for those who cry, whine or complain over what they didn’t achieve. And let me leave you with this quote from my role model:

“Tough times never last, but tough people do – Robert H. Schuller”

Have you made mistakes in the past that’s stopping you from moving forward? Please share your comment in the box and let’s talk about it. See you at the top!

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