Honey! I’m Home!

Man, it feels good to be back home! Don’t get me wrong, visiting Toronto, Montreal and Quebec was great. However, there really is nothing quite like home. I really enjoyed my first trip to center of universe. It reminded me a lot of LA because of the 20 lane highways. We don’t have anything like that in Vancouver, thank God!

I will be going through my emails from the past 10 days and replying to them. For some reason, my email was not sending from the house in Toronto. It was possible the SMTP port was blocked off to prevent spamming. I was receiving emails. I just wasn’t able to send.

Since last night was my last day in Toronto, the family got together for one last blow out dinner. We went back to a Very Fair Chinese Seafood Restaurant, which hosted our Mega Dim Sum, for a mega 11 course seafood fest that included the biggest lobsters I’ve ever seen!

Instead of showing you photos of the food (which you can see here since the menu was the same), I’ve decided to show you photo of all the Toronto family members. Most of them will be visiting Vancouver in September for a family wedding. One of my Vancouver cousins is getting married.