A Very Fair Seafood Resaurant In Toronto


We have landed in Toronto safe and sound. The flight was pretty uneventful. Sally was extremely well behaved for her first time on a plane. I think she actually liked it. I was shocked at the number of babies on our flight. I guess many people are flying to Toronto to visit family members, which is one of the reasons I’m here.

We didn’t waste much time after landing in the “center of the universe.” Instead of heading to the place we are staying at, we went directly to dinner with some family members at Very Fair Seafood Cuisine. No, I am not making that up, that is the English name of the restaurant. The Chinese name doesn’t translate to very fair at all. I noticed many Asian restaurants have English and Chinese names that are completely unrelated to each other. I guess the restaurant doesn’t care what English name they choose because they don’t get many non-Asian customers. One look at the menu and you’ll understand why.


It’s pretty hard to attract English customers when your entire menu is in Chinese. The above menu is the standard 11 course, stuff your face until you can’t eat you more, menu. It’s way too much food for nine people to eat but it’s designed that way on purpose. It is considered bad in Chinese culture if the dinners consume all the food and have no leftovers. It means the host was too cheap. Here are photos of all 11 courses.












Dinner came to $540, which was very reasonable for nine people and the amount of food we had. I’m sure I’ll end up spending that much just for two at Susur.