Happenings Around The Net

I got some T shirts coming in from Dirty Microbe, home of the World’s best shirts & stuff. I don’t know which shirts they’re sending me but I plan to give them all away. Need contest ideas! Suggestions please.

WootAgent is now out of private beta and available for download. If you’re a Wooter, you’ll want the agent.

Came across Spotplex yesterday via TechCrunch. Looks like an interesting service and signed up. Instead of you submitting your own stories to be voted on, sites that want to participate include some javascript code on their site, which monitors what stories/posts are read. The more times a story is read, the higher it appears in Spotplex. Very popular stories will make it to the Spotplex home page.

I found someone to review the OhMiBod. She is the perfect girl for the job too. Her name is Amanda and this is the only picture you will get of her. It was taken at a party with the Blue Brothers during CES 2002. No wonder they pulled her up to the stage to dance!


Douglas Karr made a widget that shows your Technorati ranking on your blog. It’s pretty neat.

My friend Fudo, who used to work for The Inquirer, has started his own IT website call Fudzilla. I guess Fudo.com was taken.

It’s great that so many readers have ordered ReviewMe (aff) reviews. However, it would have been better if you didn’t order them all on the last day. Now I have a backlog and it’s going to be a lot of work balancing the ReviewMe posts with the normal posts. Because readers ordered the reviews, I don’t want to reject them because you guys are the reason for the success of this blog. Luckily, ReviewMe is allowing me to 150 hours to post the review after I accept them so I’ll try to space them as best I can.